Unterschätze nie einen Mann der sich selbst überschätzt. Best of Daniel Chluba

My white nose knows!
My white nose knows!
My white nose knows!

Why you need Daniel Chluba.
He is a receiver and a transmitter.
He hates ideas. Because ideas are violence (material).
He collects likes for the Third World.
He doesn’t need algorithms.
He feels capitalism. It feels like minimal art.
He is a flying superhero of sanitary metamorphoses.
He lives second lives – despite climate change, nuclear energy and child labour.
He is forever 29. Jesus was an old man (and so was Foucault!).
He turns the noise of his reality into slogan-shaped foam.
He curates Berlin’s smallest mobile gallery.
He is an antagonistic clown. Only the modest disguise themselves like this.
He has friends: the good centaur of Oerlinghausen and the imperial-royal-child majesty Hartz queen IV.
You may want to be his friend.
He is your hero. For heroism is transformation.
He shows the hatred in you and thus suffers for you (file number available).
He gives you real „Me Too“ moments and shares his with you. But not for nothing!
He is always against everything because it is good for you.
He collects money. You can help him with that.
He is more compassionate than all ministers. More loving than Lenin. More modest than Beuys. Funnier than Kropotkin. More faithful than Mother Teresa. And more romantic than Rudolf Steiner.
He does not overestimate himself. He IS like that.
But who does his oracle mean then? It means you. Do not overestimate yourself.
You need Daniel Chluba.

Text: Holger Jancke

Eine Ausstellung in der barkberlingallery.de vom 4.3.-25.3.22.
Ausstellungseröffnung 4.3.22 17-22Uhr.

Köthener Straße 28
10963 Berlin

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